Zazzle POD Platform

Zazzle is an online platform which was found by the Beaver brothers in 2005 and is an attractive and functional platform.

The good thing about this from a selling prospective is that, there are two point of entry and gaining sales. Either as a direct POD seller and as an associate selling other folk’s products. You can do both on this platform.

Again, like a few other POD platforms out there, you don’t need to take ownership of the products available. You basically upload your own images to the various items give them titles and descriptions with tags and then set your commission rate. No handling of goods is involved, no customer inquiries to deal with and no stock inventory to concern yourself about.

Zazzle POD Platform

I’ve recently started to dabble with this platform and once you get to grips with the features and functionality, it’s a breeze. Early signs are that, it takes a while to get noticed on Google searches. But I’ve now managed to get my first couple of sales.

The key seems to be in special events and with that, group buying. Meaning when someone buy a thank you card or t shirt, they might order a bulk load, as part of an invitation list or groups gathering. So you can multiply your commission x the amount of product sales.

Feel free to check out my own Zazzle store by clicking here.

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