Stay Safe Online with NordVPN Security: Get Protected Today

You’ve probably heard it one hundred times in your online journey and I’m just going to add to that list in saying, make sure you surf safely and protect yourself. If you’re going to give information away about yourself. That could be on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or your “About Me” page on a site or blog, then you MUST LOOK to protect yourself from hackers.

I’ve been actively online as a marketer since early 2009 and this is currently (by far), the worst it has been for people getting hacked. Either on Facebook with fake friend requests or asking for private details, email addresses being compromised, and strange scripts arriving on the website logs. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced all three scenarios.

Time for action!

If any of the above has happened to you (and it probably has), the one thing you don’t want to do is stand still. Someone has personal details of you like unique passwords. You need to take action right away. Change your passwords and log them all on something like a notepad or Google document. Set up two-step verification for ALL of your accounts via your mobile phone. IMPERATIVE!

"Stay Safe Online with NordVPN Security: Get Protected Today

Last piece of the jigsaw ………

And don’t leave this out! Protect your online browsing with data encryption. You don’t want a hacker looking over your shoulder when you’re surfing the web. Do you? Get NordVPN. The number one for online security that also gives you a superb and fast browsing experience. Not only that, but you get 24/7 quality customer service from a company who’s ALWAYS got your back.

The Nord VPN company have been in operation for 12+ years and has built up quality features and functionality with the user in mind. Meaning you can enjoy the World Wide Web safely, knowing you have a business who are making life extremely difficult for the strange bunch out there, who are trying to steal your information.

You can enjoy up to a whopping 68% off the 2-year plan with 3 months thrown in for FREE. What’s not to like about that deal? For more information about this superb offer from Nord VPN click here.

Make sure you enjoy your internet experiences going forward by keeping your information safe!

Stay Safe Online with NordVPN Security: Get Protected Today

Disclaimer: The above article has NordVPN affiliate links. I get a commission for anyone who signs up via these links and costs know more to you than if you visited their website directly.

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