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One of the best tools I’ve come across since I started my journey in the online world is the Xheader free download. There’s a free and a paid option, but the one which costs nothing is more than sufficient for my needs in return for your name and email address.

Their excellent platform gives you immediate access to 600+ templates in over 40 categories including dieting, photography and sports. They come as standard with a 950 x 175 size which you can change and there’s NO copyright issues to concern yourself about, as they’re all part of their own library 🙂 I used the headers on this platform for nearly all of my sites including this one.

The other great thing about Xheader is that you can create your own blank header and from there selecting your desired size. This is great if you want to resize your images for You Tube (avoiding the unwanted black lines) which is 1280 x 720 or a Facebook page which is 820 x 312.

image of the Xheader Free Download

The word “free” should always be paid attention to, as a lot of the time there’s a catch, but apart from your name and email address there’s no catch with this platform and it’s so easy to follow and use. This is one of the most productive free tools I’ve come across to date and I’m more than glad to share that information with my visitors.

For your free download of Xheader click here.

Another area which can be beneficial with regards to headers, images and videos is Pixabay. This is a site which has tons of FREE images and videos in various categories and the vast majority have the “CC0 Creative Commons” attribute which basically means it’s free to use for commercial use.

Note : Leave the user a thumbs up or a comment to say thanks for the free download.

For tons of free images and videos click here.

Enjoy 🙂

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