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Kyle and Carson are the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate and first got the wheels in motion for what has become a large online business in 2005. They can boast of a very large membership, with a constant need to update with over 750 new training updates per year and over 150 system improvements in 2017.

There are two levels of entry. The first one is a free option and gives you the facility of watching a couple of videos about walking you through the WA approach and getting the most from their excellent platform and the other is how to set up your account and then getting to understand the membership levels.

Free Option

Gives you access to the certification courses of which there are five levels to complete and the affiliate bootcamp with access to phase one only and live chat for the first seven days. You have access to two websites, a beginners training course, a keyword research tool with limited use, coaching for the first seven days and a couple of
training classrooms.

Paid Membership

You get unlimited live help, 50 websites which is more than enough, website security, the full seven phases of the affiliate bootcamp, unlimited searches with the keyword tool, private access to the vendors, private messaging and unlimited 1 on 1 coaching. You can enjoy an initial outlay of $19 for the first month, followed by $49 per month on a
recurring basis.

Like everything else the WA hierarchy are encouraging you to join and get access to their vast array of excellent marketing tools with the discreet message that, if you promote their own proven product and get folk to sign on the dotted line for a paid membership then, you can enjoy $87.50 per annum on a starter membership or a whopping $175 on a premium membership for each affiliate sign-up.

From an affiliate point of view the potential to make good money is really good if you follow the footpath of the WA school of thought. Even if your average fully-paid up premium affiliate got two sign-ups per month (and that’s very realistic), after the first year they would have 24 folk through their link giving them an impressive $3850 per annum.

Can you see why the affiliates of this online business appear on so many of these digital products reviews telling folk of the reasons not to buy said item, whilst telling folk they have a solution for them. It’s the vendors of these products I feel sorry for and I’m surprised they don’t take a harder line on people who try and dominate Google search terms for their items and then pick holes in their products without actually buying it.

Why wouldn’t the business itself or the affiliate push Wealthy Affiliate in a care-free manner, as it creates a superb income stream and is the nature of this business unfortunately? The problem is that the WA marketplace gets more crowded and further dilutes the potential profits of it’s members. Do the maths folks!

If you stay at the free level then, don’t expect much help (if any) after the first week, as the powers that be will probably see you as part of the “something for nothing brigade and you’ll be left to your own devices, as they’re not making any money from you and will eventually see you as a strain on their resources!

I’ve looked at a couple of case studies of WA members very carefully before putting my ten pence worth in to this, with one promoting psychical products and the other digital products and I can see how they approach the marketplace and why they must enjoy a fair amount of organic traffic from Google.

Their Approach…………………….

Step 1 – Choose an interest
Step 2 – Build a website
Step 3 – Attract visitors
Step 4 – Earn revenue

Now, the above steps make perfect sense to me and most other internet marketers. Yes, you would want to build your online business around products you like or have a passion for, as it’s easier and more enjoyable to write about them. You would also like to build a site which looks appealing to the eye and has a good layout and WA give you that in spades. The next part is the most crucial part and without addressing
it correctly makes the other parts redundant. The WA approach is to review online products and try to become an authority figure in your chosen niche by offering up lots on content regardless of whether you’ve bought the said item or have any real knowledge of it. Step 4 is determined by how you’ve addresses step 3, but if you follow
the WA footpath then, you should enjoy regular affiliate commissions?

Digital Products

Tactics ~ Digital Marketing – Giving in-depth reviews on digital products they
most likely haven’t bought themselves, with a not so good review and rating and wait for it, offer you something else.

Why would you do a detailed 1000+ word review on an item you don’t rate and have limited knowledge of? I see, it’s to rank well for that keyword phrase in Google and the objective to offer an alternative to the product you’re reviewing and guess what that is? Yes, you’ve guessed it correctly – Wealthy Affiliate!

Ask yourself this, how many negative digital product reviews have you read that, have been on page one of Google and you think, they seem really honest and then they offer an alternative “bend at the end” which is usually Wealthy Affiliate.

image of the Wealthy Affiliate honest review

Psychical Products

Giving in-depth reviews of products in the online marketplace with a healthy ticket price. Coming across to the reader and prospective buyer as an authority figure in that niche by offering  quality content, hints and tip guides, lots of related images, You Tube videos. Guess what?

The people in this business are really know different to most other marketers in that, they NEVER taken ownership of the vast majority of products they review, but are putting their own spin on it with a lot of content. Aim – To compete well for any related search term with Google. That is how any member of WA will prosper and whilst trying to come across as whiter than white, in essence their approach is very similar to any other marketer out there. What they do take great care in is related and helpful content with superb web templates and leaving a clean online footprint.

Note. One of the biggest problems that WA members will face is in-house competition. The reason for this is that, they’re given similar tools to work with and that will develop an approach that collides, so when they’re reviewing other products and/or services,
they’ll end up competing with some of their own members due to the fact that they have a huge community of 800,000 🙁

In order for WA members to survive and make a living they have to compete in Google searches (like the rest of us), it’s as simple as that and they address that by taking the “I’m here to help” approach with their reviews, but really they just want the sale!


WA has some great information and tools of which could be useful to folk who are quite new to the online marketplace. They also have a free option which gives newbies the chance for them to dip their toes in the water without any financial risk. The downside is the fact that, you have to pay $49 per month to stay as a full member regardless of your progress and the fact that, you’re reviewing the vast majority of products and/or services you’ve NEVER bought or taken ownership of. For me, this is more than a 3 out of 5, but certainly not a 4.

I’m NOT an affiliate of WA and don’t wish to be, but I’m offering an option to join below which I DON’T get any financial reward for.

For more information about Wealthy Affiliate click here.

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