Redbubble Profits

Redbubble Profits

Hello everyone and welcome to Redbubble profits. Yes, the title is accurate and is all about how to make some residual income from design work on the superb Redbubble platform.

An important note for anyone who hasn’t used the platform before or may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by what you may think is required. This is not about holding stock of any products and doesn’t require shipping of any kind.

Redbubble hold all of the stocks in their inventory. You submit the design which then, goes on to each of the listed products for customer perusal and they take care of the shipping via their two distribution facilities.

Redbubble Profits

He basically asked me “can I make money via this site” and “how much can I realistically earn“. The answer to the first part was of course, yes, but the second part I couldn’t answer until I experimented with the site in the limited time I had.

What I did notice early on and after a bit of due diligence was that, it wasn’t particularly about how good your designs were, but more about what tags you use and how many listings you have. Yes, the Redbubble platform is absolutely a numbers game. The more designs you have with the relevant tags and correct keyword phrases, the more sales you will get. That’s it!

Redbubble Profits

Having your own designs is all good and well, but what if you only have a dozen or twenty are you going to make anything worthwhile on the platform? The answer is a confident no! The folk who make a steady few quid on the platform and on a regular basis have lots of designs and have them tagged up correctly.

It’s not about being the best artist or being the most creative, it’s about getting more listings and sizing them up correctly to suit the various products they sell on the Redbubble platform. I’m not talking about stickers which was their main criteria up until recently, but items that offer you decent commissions which include hoodies, t-shirts, pillows and of course face masks for the current and strange climate we live in.

Redbubble Profits

Why would you want to focus on stickers with 20p commissions when you can earn approximately £2 on a t-shirt or £4 on a hoodie? Crazy! Follow the money ………….

The main criteria is finding the correct items to list (amounts) which is number one priority. Tagging each one using relevant keyword phrases to suit each item and resizing the images to suit each listing. Yes, the latter can be time-consuming, but is necessary in order to look right and achieve future sales and decent commissions.

The big question for most folk is “how much can you make each month“?

Well, this is not a full-time income, but more of a top-up and eventually residual. £30 – £100pm is what you should be expecting to make after the third month and remember, once your listings are up there that’s it. You can set and forget and watch the sales come in.

Redbubble Profits

It took me over two weeks and on my forty second design before I made my first sale and from there they started rolling in. Time and patience are key ingredients in this, but once you have a handle on how things work and what to do then, it’s all very straightforward.

My Redbubble profits manual explains in detail what platforms to use for designs, avoiding copyright issues ( a must), tagging the listing correctly and how to resize them to suit the various items. I also have an explainer video only available to those who purchase the product. You don’t need to be a designer or have creative skills for this.

Redbubble Profits

So the question now is how much will it cost?

Well, that’s always the tricky part and thinking how much this will benefit the average buyer, the time spent on it and how much they’re likely to make, I’ve arrived at the keenly priced figure and for a limited time only £29 now just £19 .

What do I get for my money?

  • A comprehensive and detailed twenty four page eBook showing you the correct path to take.
  • A nineteen minute explainer video giving you that much need over-the-shoulder experience.
  • Unlimited email assistance. Golden if you’re stuck on something or can’t get to the next level.

Not only do you get my details digital manual to follow and an explainer video to suit, but you also get unlimited help via my email support. Believe me, it’s hard to put a price on that when you hit any issues.

I’m not going to post testimonials of review copies on how good the manual is or give misleading promises about how much you can make. I just don’t do that sort of thing. This should give you a top up residual income if you follow my instructions and give it a bit of time to come together.

This is for people who want to put a bit of in a bit of hard work initially and reap the longer term rewards from it. Treat this as a part-time and top-up income and not a full-time income or something you can live of.

Redbubble Profits

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