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I stumbled across this site by accident (as is usually the case) and the Padlock Income System immediately grabbed my attention, as it wasn’t the usual fast talking whizkid who uses buzzwords effectively and shows you images of posh houses and fast cars. No, this is an older fella called Jeremy Rush from the south of England who uses basic methods very well and seems quite genuine. What I’ve also learnt from his YT videos is that, he drinks a lot of water and likes going out for lunch every day 🙂

Show me the money and when you’re promoting this with a $64k in 2 days message, it’s kind of misleading your potential customers!

Anyway, something grabbed me and I joined up which is FREE with NO traps and has an easy to follow methodology in Padlock 1. The main aim of the whole exercise is to build a solid email list who you can then (hopefully) convert them in to paying customers. Sounds familiar? Yes, but the good thing about this is that when someone joins up through your referral link all of the future marketing emails comes from Padlock Income themselves and if the customer pays for any further Padlocks (2 to 12) then, you’ll receive a commission of at least 70% 🙂 The downside is that, you need 10 directs and a payment of $10 (which gives you access to Padlock 2) before you can make your own affiliate commissions. I suppose that eliminates time-wasters though!

And now for the “meat and potatoes” of the what PI is all about. You have free access to training videos and  pre-typed promo messages and banners in order to promote this business via places like an A to Z traffic centre and places you can promote this for free, specific Facebook groups, Google communities, Twitter………

One of the things I liked is the information about creating your own landing page. Basically you need to open a FREE Gmail account and then build an effective landing page (see above) from his easy to follow details and this will act as your main promo page in order to promote this system or you could even use it for your own promotions.

The other thing worth mentioning on a positive note and something I wasn’t aware of is Google Trends. This lets you look at what’s trending in your country and from there you can make a relevant post in your FB group, so it can help to increase your engagement. The main thing which annoyed me with Jeremy’s system is the initial FB posting. He asks you to post on his own page (which has a waiting list along with several other groups) and introduce yourself, but he states that under no circumstances should you try to promote yourself or you’ll be banned from the page so he’s happy for people to like, comment and build his popularity, but anything else is basically taboo 🙁

You get the following tools and video training for free in Padlock 1 :-

  • How to promote the Padlock Income system effectively
  • Effective text and banners to use
  • Free landing page via Google sites
  • What FB groups to join 20+
  • Importing email lists to Gmail
  • Solo ad companies to use
  • How to get some free traffic
  • How to copy and paste with ease

3rd Sept. 2017


Decent Training Videos                                                                                                       Excellent Free Tools                                                                                                           Free Landing Page                                                                                                             Importing Email List


Misleading Ads                                                                                                                   FB Group Approval Time                                                                                                     Self Promotion – Padlock Income

So the biggest question is can you make serious money with PI?

The quick answer is sadly, NO! You could get a fair amount of sign-ups who come through your own affiliate link and then progress to other padlocks, giving you 70% commission each time, but that would take a lot of time and good fortune. I must say on a positive note that, the free tools are excellent.

To join the Padlock Income system click here.

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