My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019

My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019

I’ve finally got around to doing a to-the-point review on ✮✮ My Lead Gen Secret ✮✮ which I’ll update on this page, as I become more accustomed to the platform and the features it offers users.

Now, most of us have seen the usual “Make Easy Money Online” headlines. I sure have in the past 11+ years of been involved in online marketing and the sad truth is that, about 90% of products are rehashed rubbish which no longer works or never has worked.

My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019

The big question is, how do you find that small 10% of products and services that work? Due diligence is always a key component and requires time and patience on your part and basically finding out if the vendor is the real deal or full of BS!


OK, so to the “meat and potatoes” of what the service is all about. You basically pay a one time fee of $30 (which is fair enough) and then a further $30 each month that, you’re a member of the platform. You’re basically getting (wait for it) 100 cold leads for just $1 per day, plus a browser-based facility for promoting your contacts, emails swipes to use and additional promo banners.

My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019

So what does that get you?

You get 100 leads per day (yes 100) and you can promote this service via your affiliate link and try to achieve signups with this. Incidentally, you get a bonus $100 (very generous) if you obtain 5 signups in one week (Monday – Sunday). The other area you can use and the real “proof in the pudding” part is to promote MMO products via digital marketing platforms like Warrior Plus (my recommendation), Clickbank (don’t like), JVZoo, Paydot com or Click2Sell.

Note. Once you get your first referal your daily leads amount doubles to 200 or 6000 per month, so there’s a big incentive for promoting this system. I guess that’s what Mr Harmon wants you to do, as using it to promote external products offers him NO financial reward.

My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019

There are quite a few attractions to this system worth mentioning and include a browser free mailing facility for sending your promo’s to your growing list. If you think of what it costs you per month at Aweber or GetResponse then, you can start to see the value. A few email swipes to use which is a good thing, as trying to write email copy is a laborious exercise. 3000 potential opportunities per month to achieve a sale doubling to 6000 upon your first signup. A support facility which is reported to be quite responsive and promotional banners to get the name out.

Note. I’ve created a FREE PDF to help you get the most from promoting products outwith the system using the provided leads. For more information click here.

Now, we have to take a step back and be realistic about this opportunity. For just $30 per month or just £23.50 in my language you get the following.

  • 100 Cold Leads Per Day
  • Free Mailing Facility
  • Email Swipes
  • Promotional Banners
  • Customer Support
  • Statistics

My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019

So does that sound like a good deal to you? Absolutely, but wait. Are the leads any good, as they’re from the vendors database and his linked partners? I can’t vouch for the quality or even lack of it, but I’ve seen a couple of clear screenshots from people who have shared their email MLGS list details and sales from it, so that’s ALWAYS good enough for me rather than someone spouting the usual BS!

I don’t know how many leads he and his team have, but if you’re giving people a minumum or 3000 per month = 36000 per annum and you have a few hundred members at the very least then, you don’t need to be Einstein to figure the math. There must be a lot of junk out there and I would suggest a lot of it is probably bought lists which has been stored in their database for future use (like now). The one thing I did notice is that, it’s all from top tier countries based on the IP addresses provided, so that’s always a good sign with regards to disposable income, but a few are AOL addresses and they stopped being an email provider in late 2017.

You can use the daily lists as you please. Either to promote the system itself to other folk and something the vendor would encourage for obvious reasons, or you can promote external products/services. The more sensible thing to do is to promote both though. Why would you leave potential money on the table?

My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019

One of the other things and a marketing dream is residual income. My Lead Gen Secret offers the customer a great incentive to earn recurring commissions with their 5 tier system. Basically meaning if someone signs up via your affiliate link then, you’ll receive a monthy commission whilst they remain a MLGS member. If they then refer anyone then, you get another smaller piece of the pie and this goes on for five levels.

The main reason why people join MLGS, but just remember you won’t have a clue how good or not they’ll be until you actually get a sale. I would much rather have 1000 good leads that I’ve built up myself than 1m worthless leads, so only time will tell with this. The other thing and it may be a worthwhile exercise for all is to monitor the click through rate from the MLGS platform. Most advertisers report rates of between 10 and 15% which is very big for what is “cold leads”. I would suggest using a Bitly custom link with your affiliate ID when sending out email promotions and comparing the difference. If it’s quite accurate then, you’ll know this is the real deal, but if not then ………………………


I’ve removed previous review information about this system, as the updated content contradicts my initial findings and NOW puts the MLGS system in a good light. I don’t know why this happened, but my promo which involved me promoting a Warrior Plus product didn’t show up in their stats until approx. 36 hours compared with the MLGS stats. That is why I had my concerns about this and reported to that effect.

The new information changes my mindset from a negative to a positive, as this shows to me there are real people behind these lists and the real “proof in the pudding” is sales. This is something I was able to achieve and also from a subsequent promotion.

My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019

I’m not try to sugar coat this in any way, but I’ve also had two people sign up to the system. One directly from the leads they supply within My Led Gen Secret and the other indrectly from a test klanding page on my product review site. Both of the names below check out in my lists, so they’re real people for sure, as I’ve never net a robot with e debit card in their handy ready to buy something 🙂

My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019

I did another test to make sure with a Warrior Plus product just to see if things checked out and yes, they did. This time the stats on MLGS more than matched the hops shown on WP and within 24 hours this time. Incidentally I got a sale from this as well, so that’s three sales from two Warrior Plus promotions and without an agressive approach.

My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019

Week 2 and a bit of 3

I don’t know whether I’ve moved forward with My Lead Gen Secret or not? I have more leads now, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the amounts of open and click through rates. I’m a numbers type of guy, so logic would tell me that, this should have made a difference.

Anyway, I’ve promoted two more items from the Warrior Plus platform and I didn’t achieve any sales like I did in the first week (oh well). The stats showed in the MLGS platform, but took a couple of days for it to show (hops) on WP platform. I don’t get that, but at least they eventually got there 🙂 The fella who introduced me to this platform is having problems in showing stats with Warrior Plus, so that’s a real mystery.

 My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019        My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019

To date I’ve earned $53 and I’m on week 3 with taking a non-aggressive approach. Basically $33 from Warrior Plus and $20 from four signups of the MLGS system and two new signups in the past week. I know this doesn’t sound like much, but it still covers my $30 fee and I’m only going to build on what I have with 200 new leads per day and recurring commissions to boot.

My Lead Gen Secret Honest Review 2019

Week 4

After a slow start things picked up a bit in th latter half of the week. My first Warrior Plus promo of week four brought me nothing, but the hops are quite accurate. My last promotion brought me 3 sales and $32.40 in commissions although there was another gap of nearly 24 hours between MLGS stats and the hops at Warrior Plus. I don’t understand the delay, as we’re talking about 90 clicks.


I also promoted the MLGS system twice with their leads and my second promotion got me another sale and a $5 commission. To date I’ve had 5 signups and $25 in total without even pushing it at all. I did have my doubts about this system initially, but after 27 days and six Warrior Plus sales and five MGLS signups. Well …………… Total earnings to date are $91.30

This has probably been the strangest review I’d done since been involved with online marketing in 2008. I’ve gone from thinking this is suspicious with regards to the amount of folk from the same postcode in central London, unheard of open rates from cold leads and high click-through rates, to getting sales for Warrior Plus products and sign-ups for the system via their lists.

Note. Joining via my affiliate link below costs no more or less than if you went to the site directly and joined. Click here for the FREE PDF for promoting products using the contact lists.

Week 5+

My last entry for MLGS is my experience for the last four weeks and it HASN’T been good. I’ve had two sales for the MLGS system, but most of my recent promo’s have been for Warrior Plus products.

The screenshot above (which isn’t clear) shows the last ten promotions for popular Warrior Plus products. I’m not bothered with open rates, but the click through rates are approx 1700 which is good for cold leads. From that I got only 1 sale. One f******* sale! Now, dealing with cold leads usually means perhaps getting a quite a lot of open rates, but certainly not click throughs which usually means they’re showing some sort of interest in getting to the final stage pre-sale.

For this reason I’m going to mark down the MLGS system to a 4/5. Yes, some of the cold leads are genuine, as I’ve had sales for both the MLGS system and Warrior Plus products, they pay you very quickly from email inquires and also answer your inquires within 24 hours, but the stats are flawed and give folk false hope. I do believe and have done for while now that they’re estimates (not good).


The number one product that I currently recommend is a superb bit of software that builds DFY sales funnels for a wide and varied selection of digital products. It’s a product from the Warrior Plus market called DigiFunnel Lab PRO


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