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My name is Mark Boyle and I thought I’d create this page to give people a helping hand in their quest for getting the most from internet marketing. I’ve been involved in this excellent niche since 2008 and the two things which play the most important parts in my opinion are time and money.

The first one is money and that is the one area that people get obsessed about and I can understand that, as we all have different financial predicaments and with that needs and how we view money or not so much that, but the freedom it can offer you. The second thing and very much overlooked is time. Now, the money part is fine in itself, but if you’re working 50+ hours per week and/or six or even seven days a week in order to achieve a decent living then you’re starved of time. I’ve heard a few online marketers telling me they make a decent weekly/monthly income, but they’re basically working around the clock the clock in order to achieve their financial goals. What is the point int that? You want have the time to enjoy your money and you’ll be burnt out in a few years!

You should always aim to set up different ways to create online income streams which DON’T require you to be sat at your computer and getting paid by results, as that’s a similar predicament to being a salaried person and working for a company. You want to set up a good flow of products and services that, you can put out in the marketplace and people can buy from you via your link. An automated process that sends the buyer to a download page and away from the idea of shipping. What I’m referring to is digital products that you can find with ease at Clickbank, JVZoo, Paydotcom and Warrior Plus.

The other side is psychical products and I’m not referring to your own, but becoming an affiliate of established business like Amazon, Awin, Commission Junction and Webgains. The way in which it works is by opening affiliate accounts with businesses like the one’s above. Then to carry out reviews of at least 400+ words and preferably on products you have a knowledge of and a passion for and a call to action at the bottom of the page containing your unique link. Try and pick items that have a decent ticket price for example £100+, so you’ll get a decent commission when some buys through your link. When you see £10, £20 and £30+ commissions coming through on a regular basis (and I speak from experience), it really does leave you with a very nice feeling 🙂

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