This is a site which has grown at an incredible rate in recent times due to the services and functionality it provides to both buyers and sellers. Fiverr is a site that has certainly plugged the gap when it comes to providing affordable online solutions for internet marketers who want to build their business.


So what’s the big attraction with Fiverr?

They haven’t invented anything new, all they’ve done is look at what the competition where doing and built a site and platform to make it better and more attractive to potential viewers. You can enjoy a whole host of excellent services on their V2 platform which include article writing, blog comments, web design tasks, flyers, HTML coding, backlink services, bookmarks, Facebook fanpages, SEO tasks………..

Seller – To enjoy sales with Fiverr and get your freelancing business off the ground there are a few things to consider before chasing new visitors and orders. Make your gig title catchy for your product or service, use the description box to sell your service and have bold title and bullet points to make it stand out more, upload a good image of the right frame size, offer a bonus to attract more people to order your gig and use tags for people searching the site.

There are no shortcuts with this site and like most other things online and offline, it takes time to build any sort of internet marketing business. The key is to make your gig attractive and let people know that, you’re giving them a good offer. Complete any orders within your stated timeframe and try and do any task within 20 minutes or you will be working for less than the minimum wage in certain countries.

The site has come in for some criticism from other internet marketers, but from my own experience both as a buyer and seller, I think most of the people on Fiverr offer good value for money. There will always be a few people chipping away at something and perhaps they have a hidden agenda, but the fact of the matter remains that, people get lots of repeat orders, so if their work was that bad do you think they would enjoy repeat orders? I don’t think so!

My marketing manual goes in to more detail about Fiverr and what paths you can take to become more successful or to find a service that matches most of your own requirements. For more information about Fiverr click here.