This business is now the world’s largest online retailer, so do you think it would be a good thing to be part of them and join their superb affiliate program? You Bet!

They have been in the online business marketplace now for well over fifteen years and certainly know a thing or two about customers and what they’re looking for, so it’s an excellent site to be part of, as people trust them and they have built up an enviable reputation in their field.

What makes them so popular?

The company have built up their reputation based on customer service and the level of positive feedback their product range receives. This in turn has made them a huge global brand and the name Amazon is synonymous for quality products and excellent customer service.

Amazon UK affiliate program – There are no strict requirements for joining the British program other than having a blog or website, so that you can show them where you’re planning on promoting items within their site. The drawback with the UK program is that, they’ve lowered their commissions due to dropping the unwanted £7 comm cap.

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Amazon US affiliate program – This is quite a straightforward process and like the UK program all you need is a blog or site to show them where you plan on promoting their products. There are loads of products within the US program and whilst it’s more competitive than the UK affiliate scheme there is no cap to the commission you can earn on any single item.

If you’re planning on getting involved in affiliation as part of your internet marketing campaign then, this is certainly a company to put first in your list. There are numerous products and opportunities in making steady commissions from both programs and they’re a business who are growing steadily despite the current economic climate.

My marketing ebook goes in to a bit more detail about the Amazon affiliate program and what you should be looking for and the tools required for marketing any particular product. The amount of products and categories in their library is vast, so you’ll never be stuck for an item to promote or something that seems to have good potential based on the competition.

For more information about the Amazon US affiliate program click here.