Padlock Income

Padlock Income System Review

3rd August 2017

I haven’t reviewed any marketing products recently due to other online tasks, but haven been given information on this just the other day, I’ve decided to take the plunge and carry out a 60 day review on this and track my progress (minus 9 days when I’ll be on holiday) and give you my honest opinion of it and whether you can genuinely make a decent amount using this.

The reason why I’m devoting a bit of time to this, is due to the fact that the guy behind this doesn’t come across as your usual “snake oil salesman”. There’s passion in his voice and he’s an older guy from the south of England who seems trustworthy and does drink a lot of water in his videos 🙂

So what is the Padlock Income System?

It’s an online suite created by Jeremy Rush and involves looking at several You Tube videos and how to go about the business of becoming an online success. This involves joining Facebook community groups, Google hangouts, commenting on related You Tube videos and a few other methods. Once you sign up you get a unique affiliate code which you can use when you’re trying to promote this system.

How much does it cost?

The good thing about this system is that it’s FREE at the point of joining (no tricks) and that gets you access to all of the tools in padlock 1. If you want access to the other padlock’s 2 to 12 containing excellent digital products, promotional details and video training then, you’ll have to pay $10.

What will I learn?

If you watch each video carefully you’ll be shown how to use each task effectively and this will show up on your dashboard for each completion level until you reach 100% There are a few videos to watch and each one doesn’t last long, but in order to get the most from each one, it’s imperative in understanding the course of action you have to take. If you haven’t grasped any particular task, then watch the video again or ask the question. One of the best things I learnt (and I’ve been in this line of work for over 8 years) is how to create an excellent landing page via a free Google account (see below). The text and header belong is part of the templates that Jeremy Rush gives you within padlock 1 and is FREE 🙂

Rather than bore you with an update of my own progress each day, I’ll post every few days with my progress and findings and let you make your own mind up of whether this looks like the real deal or is it just another system which wants you to part with your money and offer nothing much in return.

If you’re interested in joining Padlock Income System for FREE then, please click here.