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My ♦♦  comprehensive 59 page marketing manual ♦♦ is available for immediate download and shows you the methods I use to make a steady and decent income working from home using mainly free tools.

There are not many quick routes when it comes to making money from your online endeavours, so you WON'T get any misleading information from me or broken promises of getting wealthy within a short space of time. It takes time in getting to know the marketplace you're in and what you have to do in order to start generating money from your online endeavours.

You can now enjoy my Marketing Manual for less than 5, as I've now released this on the Amazon marketplace and is available for people who have access to a Kindle or an equivalent tablet. For more information about this click here.


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Now you can get over 100 visits per day for 30 days and pay not $20, not $15, not $10, but for just $5. That's a total of over 3100 clicks towards your online business which you can track on a daily basis.


Using Google Apps can be a great way to increase your online exposure and make your business much more effective. Enabling you to customise emails making you stand out from your competition and keep a whole host of projects in the one place.


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Please find a 59 page Comprehensive Marketing Manual from the link below.


Comprehensive Marketing Manual

1.00 GBP = 1.61 USD




Lao Tzu - "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime"

Keeping things quite simple is usually my approach to internet marketing, as my experience to date has suggested that, the more involved and complex a system or method looks the more suspicious I get and it's chance of failing usually ends up being quite high.




millionairesandie - Marketing Blueprint is a 55 page PDF that walks you through setting up your affiliate marketing business. If you don't have money for your own domain, Mark shows you how a done right Blogger site can work just as well as a hosted site.

You'll learn how to research your product, creating your articles (or having them created for you). getting your site indexed.

If you choose to also have your own products, getting those out into the marketplace & having affiliates.

You'll also learn various social media arms including Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter.

It is an A to Z blueprint to get you up & running in no time!


SeoApprentice -  I think this product is neatly placed together, with structured instruction and review. It is perfect for newbie or even experienced Internet Marketer.

All resources are included in the product for reference. It is a recommended product to kick start your Internet Marketing career.


Vrs - One of the things I really liked about this book is the author is into reality and gives a realistic appraisal of what you can expect if you want to make it online - work.

He shows what he did to build a nice full time income online, and isn't afraid to tell you the truth. That it'll take time for you to build a good business - but it'll take less time if you read, understand, and follow what he's written in this book.

There are several business models he uses and he starts off with Amazon and he shows you how to construct a blog site that will convert your prospects into buyers. He shows you how to write articles (or get them done for you) for CONVERSIONS. He also includes links to the resources you'll need to complete the steps he shows you in his course.

Plus, he walks you through ways to use YouTube, Fiverr, the Warrior Forum, Facebook fanpage, Google+1, Pinterest, Ebay, Traffic Swarm. It's all written in a way that if you'll do the work as you read it's hard to imagine you not making money. The key is taken action.


mickyb4 - I would like to say that i have really enjoyed reading this. I can see that you have wrote this with a lot of passion and it is very Comprehensive, with no Fluff or BS and very easy to understand.

This is perfect for a Newbie who wants to earn money online as it is a very Honest book, which i commend you on. You even put in a section on Paypal about which account to get started with, which a lot of writers out there do not bother with, in fact i cannot see anything that you have missed out, for getting started with in the IM game.

Its an A+ from me and a cracking good read.


The Action Man - I am pleased to have had the opportunity to review this manual. I like that Mark provides a honest history of his IM experience and expresses that he's had to put in efforts and stayed dedicated until finding a successful system that he is now sharing.

It is evident that Mark took time to develop this manual and I like that links are provided for all recommended resources (and explanations as to why they are recommended). Mark walks you through the steps of development and provides screenshots when necessary to support his claims.

This manual is about online marketing but Mark even threw in some offline marketing experience to get you thinking outside of the box. He touches on physical and electronic products and suggests methods of generating success with both. This manual is filled with information and if your new to internet marketing, you have a full source of info in this guide to get you up and running starting from the idea of how you are going to generate cash to having it in your bank account.

I have been doing Internet Marketing for some time and have found some information that I will be implementing. There is a lot of information covered in this guide and my only desire would be for an introduction page to be added. Thnx again for developing this guide Mark.



 Comprehensive Marketing Manual



1.00 GBP = 1.61 USD




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So what will I learn from the manual?

It depends on your online experience and how far on you are in your internet marketing journey, but this is ideal for newbies, people looking for a new direction or just someone wanting to learn about new methods.

  • Ebay and how to use 1p listings to advertise your online business and build an email list for free.
  • Instant access to 3 x Google PR9 backlinks and how to use them for your online business.
  • How to build an email list for your site or blog at no cost.
  • Learn about basic HTML and how to use it to build a website and easily create links for your affiliate products and services.
  • How to get free and quick access to a Google PR9 backlink.
  • How to find an excellent free tool for designing headers and banners for your online business.
  • Where to find a free HTML suite to build your future websites.
  • How to find a graphics and image manipulation tool enabling you to cut, copy, edit and paste information and take screenshots of your work. 
  • What free office suite to use and how to turn your documents in to a PDF.
  • Learning the route to take in order to start developing your own digital products for sale.
  • Learn about bookmarks and what directories to use for your site or blog.
  • Pinging and how to get your URL or new pages indexed quickly by Google and the main search engines.
  • Amazon affiliation and what to do once you've signed up and want to start promoting specific products.
  • Clickbank and what digital products to look for with regards to being an affiliate.
  • Blogger and why this should be the free blog of choice and what to do with it in order to maximize your traffic.
  • Using the free Google keyword planner before any product or service promotion.
  • Paydotcom and why it's better to use them as a vendor as opposed to Clickbank.
  • Getting the Google translator tool button on your website for the use of multiple languages.
  • Google +1 and the little golden nugget to look for when you want to promote a product or service.
  • Facebook and why a fanpage is important when it comes to promoting and getting ranked.
  • Twitter and what you should be doing and looking for when building your followers and sending out tweets.
  • Pinterest and why it's all the rage at present because of how well their boards and pins rank with Google.
  • How to ready your site and submit it to Google and the main search engines.
  • Where to submit your site in order to get an online presence in the emerging Chinese marketplace.
  • Video marketing and what to do with your You Tube video with regards to the title, description, tags and custom thumbnails.
  • Fiverr and why this should be the one to choose as a buyer or seller when it comes to freelancing and micro tasks.
  • Learn about how an email list is imperative and why you should always have an autoresponder as part of your online business model.
  • Hosting and why the paid route with regards to blog/sites and registering domain names should be part of your plans in the medium to long term.

There are no shortage of people promising you "rags to riches" or "holy grail methods" in making serious money online, but the reality is that, they usually fall well short of what you'd expect to learn and earn and normally leave you feeling annoyed and out of pocket.

I don't do BS and never will, I'll leave that to others in this field and believe me there are plenty who would take your hard earned money and give little back in return. What you get from me is free tools and methods that work quite well and are addressed to cope with any new algorithm changes by Google, as they're always updating their Google bots.

I hope you learn things from my comprehensive marketing ebook, as it makes it all the more worthwhile and I'd like to hear from you with regards to the ebook or anything relating to internet marketing.

To your future success

Mark Boyle

Derek Bok - "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance"


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